Monday, August 01, 2011

Nice long weekend! The concert at SPAC was great. Of course my favorite was BNL. I could have gone just to hear them, but it is long ride and it would have wasted the tickets, which I would not do. It lasted over 4 1/2 hours! Beautiful night, if a tad hot. I got some bug bites on my ankles, although we sat inside. The lawn smelled strongly of "Off" so it must have been brutal out there. 

The bands mostly played their older stuff, much of it songs that had received radio play, I guess because they had to appeal to a broad range. I was very surprised to see that the entire balcony, plus both left and right sides of the rear orchestra section were empty! A sign of the bad economic times? Lots of boarded up and for sale stuff in Saratoga in general. I am somewhat despairing about when it will get better. Feels so much like the late '70s.

There is a long list of rules for attending SPAC. There always has been, but it used to be very lightly enforced. I suspected it would be tight security now, but as it turns out, there were many folks taking pictures and doing other things that are supposedly not permitted. It was more orderly than it was the last time I was there, and there have been many good improvements and renovations. One rule is that you can bring in one factory sealed bottle of water per person, so I brought a pomegranate seltzer. For some reason, I forgot this always happens - and when I opened sprayed all over me, Bob and the woman in front of me! Luckily it was a mellow crowd, and it wasn't soda!

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