Friday, August 05, 2011

Last night on the Tonight Show, Roseanne was the first guest. She announced that she was running for president, and said she had chosen to do it while on the show because Arnold had announced his run for governor when he was a guest. I couldn't tell whether she was joking or serious, and if it's a lark, whether it was a one-shot for her guest appearance or will be a running joke like when Howard Stern said he was running for governor. She had buttons and posters which she gave to Jay.

She said her party is the "Green Tea Party." She didn't say this, so I don't know whether the party choice was inspired by him, but that is the same one as John Nemjo, the write in candidate for governor last fall. His slogan was "I can't do any worse." She didn't mention that specifically, but it seemed to sum up her platform too. Some of the items she mentioned are the legalization of marijuana, and having the American people as vice president. She also said some stuff about global warming, in the context of growing your own vegetables, avoiding factory farming and eating healthy proteins like nuts and legumes instead of meat. (Apparently she bought a macadamia nut farm on Hawaii.) I agree with her on that, but I can't stand it when celebrities lecture and pass judgment and act all superior about their lifestyle and carbon footprint and how green they are, then hop on a jet and fly to the next gig. Yeah, right!

Her hair is salt and pepper, which surprised me, given that she transformed herself into someone barely recognizable via surgery, liposuction (and bariatric surgery?) in the later years of her series. But it does make her look less ridiculous and more normal and down to earth.

Which reminds me, we saw two DVDs recently. One was Source Code. There were a few things that didn't add up, even given the science fiction genre, but it was basically an exciting and enjoyable movie. The other was the Lincoln Lawyer, and it was really good! Very suspenseful and unpredictable.

The reason Roseanne's appearance reminded me is because the latter was a rare movie where the "love interest" stars were age appropriate, rather than having a veteran middle aged / senior citizen male actor hooked up with the latest young female flavor of the week. Another yeah, right!

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