Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Today I spent two hours watering, weeding, weed whacking, picking produce and taking pictures. Just so I'm not only about happy flower and veggie snaps:

Uh-oh! This is what squash bugs do to curcurbits! And right on the verge of the cucumbers being ready. I will be spending some time among my vines, crouched down like a cat ready to pounce on a critter. I don't know whether squash bugs are in the category of love me or hate me, probably they are indifferent. Regardless, I have zero affection for them. The vermin will not win.

This reminded me of something I forgot to mention when I wrote about the concert. We lingered until the last encore, allowed the mob to rush out ahead, and play demolition derby in the parking lot. As we were walking out, I noticed the lawn was littered with all sorts of crap. The audience was mostly not college students, not that being 20-something is an excuse. The majority were 30-something and 40-something. Why are people such slobs? Yes, staff will clean it up, but so what?

Aside from the racino part (it's no secret how I feel about that) this was LOL-funny!

Back to happy gardening pics:

 The eggplant grows very slowly...but it's a-comin'
 Today's harvest
 Coleus always does well...its neighbor in the left corner is oregano

Almost forgot! A picture of General Joe's BBQ is on page B2 of the TU today.

Added: I wondered if anyone in this list shared my birthday...James Gandolfini!?

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