Saturday, August 20, 2011

The water has receded. The driveway is passable, thanks to a backhoe and some rocks, although we are going to need a load of gravel to finish the job. But today is a swimming day!

Much later: Watched Unusual Suspects on my laptop, streamed from Amazon. I didn't bring my extra speakers so the sound wasn't great, and the bugs were having a field day since we were out on the deck, but otherwise it worked well. It's an Investigation Discovery show. I don't have television at all in Samsonville, and I only have a few channels in Castleton, so I don't even get regular Discovery there. I really wanted to watch this episode, which was the first one of the second season. It aired last Sunday. The case is local, only a few miles from my house, a 1996 murder that was unsolved until 2008.

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