Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We saw Bob's favorite show, Les Mis, at Mac-Haydn Theatre Sunday night. It was great! Best performance I've seen (& of course way better than the movie). Show continues July 31-August 4. Highly recommended!

Friday, July 26, 2013

The transition period as a pet guardian is not my favorite. It almost goes without saying that the end of life care and eventual mourning are very difficult, but introduction of a new pet into the household has different challenges. Neither Teddy nor Rosie were especially trying. Teddy had to learn stairs and Rosie had (and still has) to be crated for meals, but that was it. Harry is afraid of many things. He seems to have never been exposed to music, television, various other noises, mirrors, stairs, walking on a leash. The stairs part is a significant issue in a three story house!

He wants to sniff Rosie and Teddy as much as possible. This isn't a problem with Rosie -- it took maybe two sniffing episodes and she let him know who was Head Dog. Teddy is a different story; he isn't a skittish cat who runs away, and he also doesn't hiss, swat or bite. He seems to believe he exists on a higher plane: "I'm Theo the Lion and my regal aura should suffice." Today as I am (attempting) to work, all three animals want to be with me, of course. Yesterday I worked in the living room on the laptop, but today I decided to use my desktop in the third floor office. Rosie and Teddy are in the bedroom next to the office. This is how they always spend the day while I am working. Harry has learned how to go upstairs at this point (but not down), so he is up here as well. It's not easy to focus when you have to say "No" and "Stop it" every five seconds! (And waves of "how I miss Sam" intrude.) Fortunately things have settled down at the moment, I just checked and all three are happily sleeping in the bedroom. One step at a time...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

One Beagle +
 One Beagle =
Two Beagles!

Welcome to your forever home, Harry.
PS BNL @ Tanglewood was awesome!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boo horseracing! Boycot Saratoga!

"When it rains it pours" has been this summer's mantra, although in literal terms we've gone from nonstop rain to nonstop heat & humidity. The cliche works for my life right now, though. Sam...my lifelong "best" friend's mother passed away on Sunday...my mother had surgery on Monday. (She's doing well.) I resumed my routine yesterday, after sleeping in (til 10) for the first time in weeks. I have some teaching-related tasks that I need to accomplish but it's all very do-able.

We had Sam cremated on Sunday at Breezy Nook Pet Crematory (highly recommended), I created a tribute album on FB, performed the sad task of putting away his "things." He lived life to the fullest, even though he only had eight years. But he is no longer suffering. It is hard to believe that two months ago he was his powerhouse self. He remained vital until about three weeks before he died. His death was peaceful, more so than any of my other pets, but the last couple days were tough. He passed away in the yard, with Bob and I sitting with him. I was petting him.

Bob has been encouraging me to look for the next dog. It doesn't take much pushing of course, as I know I won't wait long, but so far I have not made a major effort. I know it will be a male dog, and about 25 pounds. It is too difficult physically for either of us to get another large dog. I don't think it can be another senior, even though Rosie is a treasure. But Edna died in 1999, Ande in 2010, Sophie in 2012, and now Sam in 2013. Four pets in 3.5 years has tested both of our endurance, and Rosie is 9. So while we don't want a puppy, this dog must be "young enough."

We went to the Troy Pig Out on Saturday (it was HOT), took Rosie with us (she was a big hit), and General Joe's BBQ took second place in ribs and 11th place overall!

This weekend we will head to Samsonville. Seems like forever since we've been there. Tuesday: Barenaked Ladies at Tanglewood!! Can't wait.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Sam passed away today. RIP Sam-Sam. What a fine dog you were.

Monday, July 08, 2013

I think you can tell from this photo how ill he is, but you can also tell he is happy. He was riding in his wagon in this picture. Pretty cute, eh?

In other dog-related news, I plucked a tick off Rosie just now. Ugh!!

Added; in gardening news, there is a snake living in the composter.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

My beautiful roses

Sam has always had four favorite things: 1) going for walks; 2) playing fetch with a toy; 3) barking at activity on the street; 4) gobbling down food in his bowl. We've always joked that he is "bipolar Sam;" he's an extremely sensitive dog with very high "ups" and very low "downs." He's either really, really happy, or really, really sad.

Cancer strips away so much, and it was breaking my heart that his favorite of those four, and the one he has still been able to enjoy, was being taken from him too. So I came up with a tentative solution...a wagon! We can pull him along on his regular route in the cemetery, taking him out occasionally so he can sniff around and mark his territory. But the rest of the route he can ride, and he won't get tired out.

I found the nifty wagon above at K-Mart, and risked $85 bucks (because sometimes my bright ideas don't work out so well). Well, this one did! He loves it. The first time, he was a perfect angel -- and experienced one of his high ups that lasted the whole night. We even saw another couple with two dogs, one riding in a stroller, and Sam got to bark at them. The second trip (yesterday), he tried to jump out twice (once successfully), but it was OK. This is making him happy again.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013