Thursday, August 30, 2018

First week back on campus! It's good to be back, but it signals the looming end of the growing season, and that makes me sad.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

They are even more beautiful in person. The best hanging baskets to grace the front porch, ever. Golden Harvest Farms rocks! They must be the new variaet that doesn't need deadheading. And, they are not sterile! Small plants that are now blooming have sprung up in the little triangle patch of purslane and grass near the sidewalk below them.

Monday, July 16, 2018

I will be teaching toleration again this Fall, after taking a break from the class during the Spring semester. I'd taught it every Fall and Spring semester since 2005, so was glad to skip last Spring, but I think the class is important and I'm looking forward to teaching it again. I'm going to make it a blended class. I also plan to emphasize how much *I* find myself thinking of the theories and applying them in everyday life. For instance Domain Theory, which I referenced in this blog twice recently. Good examples of the two domains are students calling me by my first name without asking first or making assumptions about my marital status (Mrs., when my surname is my patronym) or level of education (Ms. rather than Dr.) -- these are violations of social convention; there are no intrinsic consequences from the action, but it is a rule that is socially agreed upon; and animal or child abuse -- breaches in the moral domain (where intrinsic harm is caused, regardless of the social norm).

I was reminded of toleration on Facebook recently; there is a meme image being shared that begins something like "I am not the tolerant left. I am the appalled left" and continues listing items. I didn't comment (I stay far away from controversy on FB) but the meme lingered on my mind. It's true that both the left and the right are not tolerant. It's the moderate who are tolerant. Tolerance takes compromise. Vogt's book was written over 20 years ago - and we are even more divided today.  
I have been to Howe Caverns once (20 years ago?) and while I'm glad I went, I remember feeling anxious -- with my clothes on. I had a scary experience in a cave 35 years ago. No desire at all to go there again, whether clothed or naked.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I could cite this as an example of questionable behavior leading to career success, but since I believe truth is always stronger in the end, I won't. She was one of two people in a pick-up truck who pulled up after Riverkeeper Sweep and hassled Bob. They represented themselves as Amtrak employees but would not give their names. We got their license plate number. After the train accident, she posted sensational and inaccurate stories on her TV-10-branded Facebook page. I believe they also aired on the news, but did not see the stories myself. By then I had already figured out that the guy in the truck was an Amtrak engineer. He and some of his associates had been giving me guff on the Village and Friends Facebook pages. Once the reporter's first story was posted on Facebook, I was able to ID her as the passenger in the truck. So I sent her a FB message protesting her stories and setting the record straight. Did she have the courtesy to answer? No. I considered reporting her behavior to TV-10, but decided against. I probably should have done so, but I know truth will be the victor in this case, too. A sort-of aside, a recent news story she posted on FB had a Saratoga horse racing theme. That crosses my moral domain (my prior cartoon post is also about the moral domain). The only acceptable story on the horse racing  topic is how cruel it is - not whether whichever horse is winning should come to Saratoga to break his or her leg. It reminded me, when I am done with public service and river access advocacy, back to other bucket list (a term I can't stand, LOL) items.