Monday, May 22, 2017

Spring grades are done! (Deadline is tomorrow.) Just have to enter them. Summer session begins May 31...

Monday, May 08, 2017

About the last post, apparently it was open & shut guilty. And, I continue to be revolted by the defense attorney.

Friday, May 05, 2017

I've been finding the quest I've been on for a year - getting access to the Hudson River for the village -- very demoralizing. First, all the grants I've written have come to nothing except compliments from the state (about how excellent the writing was). I'm changing my focus from "keep your word & build us a bridge" to "just open the gate because it's equitable." I'm not very optimistic about that approach either.

Riveted by this trial. Maybe because I can't stand rich entitled punks who are enabled by their foolish families. Also because I've found the defense attorney repugnant ever since she sported an offensive Halloween costume at a party, and was in the DA's office, prosecuting the shooting at UAlbany in the 1990s. And most importantly, I know I am not on the jury hearing the arguments (and not hearing some evidence that is public) but it seems open & shut guilty to me.

Friday, April 28, 2017

There have been several occasions since my last post when I had an idea for something I wanted to write here, but I was busy and didn't make the time. Now that I am writing...can't remember or don't seem relevant any longer, LOL. I know, saw Barenaked Ladies at the Egg last Friday (sixth time we've seen them, and they were awesome, as always), and one project I am working on for the Village that I am really excited about: Repair Cafe (July 15). It will be the first in the Capital District!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I like this TU writer. He championed the village in the Save Our Stewarts advocacy and I am forever in his debt. However, I disagree with this column. A policy may have more than one goal, in this case supporting middle-class college students and keeping college graduates in the state. There will surely be consequences of this policy, and some may be unintended. One can debate the merits of the residency requirement, but trying to avoid being an exporter of our most skilled workers is hardly an evil justification. Making a deal that is palatable to both the Assembly and Senate is difficult. And, full disclosure, this will be good for SUNY, my undergraduate and graduate alma mater and where I have worked for nearly thirty years.

On a completely different subject, in honor of my father's 90th birthday, I am sharing this story I wrote years ago that was published by the Daily Freeman in 2006. Happy birthday to Daddy, one of the best storytellers I know.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This is a tragedy, and a crime.
The Nicholaus building was adjacent to the former Olender Mattress building. Before the Olender was razed, historic preservationists called for an in-depth review of how demolition might affect the Nicholaus building. At the time, Schenectady Heritage Foundation Chairwoman Gloria Kishton said she believed the demolition would "extremely endanger" the Nicholaus building, and called for an engineering plan to be developed that would ensure its structural integrity.
That this was not done makes all involved culpable for this shameful act of historic destruction. Makes me sick!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A comment on the United Airlines passenger assault.

Full disclosure:

  • I am not much of a traveler (call me provincial, but I just don't like it much. Also, when you decide to have a weekend house, all extra resources go in that direction. And finally, I favored staycations before that annoying term was coined)
  • If I was a traveler, I prefer trains and would not be an air traveler (can you say "carbon footprint?")
  • I am not big on being publicly embarrassed or physically injured. So even if I had initially refused to leave the plane, I would have immediately done so the moment the cops arrived. No screaming. No dragging.
That stated,why didn't they increase the incentive until there were enough willing takers? The bad PR (and eventual lawsuit) from this will cost them way more. Stupid!

It was fun to see the Airplane! clips floating around social media, though. Love that movie.