Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

This morning, I received official notification of my grant. Yay!

Just now, I took some soda and seltzer to the conference room where I will be having a meeting this afternoon to put it in the fridge – I decided to put it in the crisper drawer – as I was fitting in the last six pack, one of the cans of ginger ale came loose, hit the floor, and as in Murphy’s Law, it opened up and sprayed me in the face, all over my pants, shoes, socks. I am soaked with soda, as if someone hit me with a hose. It only went on my shirt a little, but my pants are ridiculously wet. 

Thankfully my pants are black, if they weren’t I think I’d have to go to Stuyvesant Plaza and buy a new pair. But I am very sticky!! Ugh. I hope once it dries it is not so uncomfortable. Why couldn't it have been a can of seltzer?

As I was attempting to blot it up with paper towels in the bathroom, all I could do was laugh.  Spring semester 2011 ends with a flourish!

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