Friday, August 12, 2011

What a beautiful day! I was just out making rounds, thinking about watering. The yard looks so good. Lately we've been letting TB/TC be loose in the yard. He can't get out of the fence at either house, whether due to the lack of claws or his huge size, I can't tell.

He loves it! So much that he doesn't want to come in. It makes me happy to see him so content. So I've been allowing him to stay out there sometimes unsupervised, even when the dogs are in the house (as they are now, snoozing in the livingroom, the vital job of barking at the mail carrier and fed x guy done for the day). He's out there right now. I go and (nervously) check on him every so often, and when I want to really be immersed in something, I make him come inside.

I keep the yard manicured, but naturalish. Even the fenced area is something of a jungle, because of all the container plants. The tomatoes are huge! So while the yard is small, it can be hard to locate TB/TC. Here he is just now:
And with that, I hereby retire the b'berry curve.

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