Thursday, June 14, 2012

When I didn't hear from Verizon after emailing the CEO, I forwarded the message to three members of the top management team -- and today I received an email and then a phone call. I'll be getting a credit for the webspace going back to February 2011, and she apologized for the lack of follow-up by the tech agents, and also the behavior of the one during the chat. So I'm happy about this outcome, and I like my new website a lot more than the old one anyway.

Later: finished another knotweed assault. My current plan is to dose it with lime and then water it. It should be covered so that it can't get light but I doubt that I can manage that. But the lime will make conditions unfavorable, I think. Tomorrow's yard work agenda includes weed whacking, fertilizing the tomatoes (with manure, in case you're wondering -- no round up or miracle gro in my yard), and replanting the cucumbers and zucchini, if the original bed doesn't sprout by then. Otherwise it is getting my class ready. And watering!


Elaine of Kalilily said...

I like your new wed design. Cancelling any kind of subscription these days is always a hassle. You did it the way you have to to get results.

howzerdo said...

Thanks Elaine. It's sad that it takes involving the CEO for customer service problems. I'd think it was just telecommunications companies (everyone tells me horror stories with Verizon, AT&T etc.) But my experience says otherwise. Competent companies (such as LL Bean) are few and far between.