Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene is really hammering us -- good thing we came back to Castleton from Samsonville yesterday. It's quite bad here too but our house is better located. The fire siren just rang, I assume that means there is flooding on Main Street but no way am I going down there to check. Water is running down the ravine behind the house, on its way to the Hudson. That is a sight I have rarely seen. We have not lost power, at least not yet, but I know down in Olive the electricity will be out for days.

I'm loving facebook right now! Getting so many pictures from around the area, because even with no electricity smartphones still work. The above pictures are all of Boiceville. The Esopus must have jumped its banks.

Later: talked to my sister - her cell works. West Shokan has a lot of damage, will be weeks or months to make it right. No word from my parents yet, I assume the phone, cable and electric are down.

Still later: my sister made it to Samsonville -- my parents are OK. My cable went out here, so far that is the only impact...

Photo credits: Eric Matteson and Hudson Valley Weather

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