Thursday, July 05, 2007

Booking Through Thursday: Great _____ Novel

What, in your opinion, is the (mythical) Great American Novel?

Since he is my favorite author, it just has to be one of Mark Twain's. I know the standard answer is Huck Finn, and that is a great novel for sure, but my vote would be for An Innoncent Abroad. It is laugh out loud funny ("but is he dead?"), and so American.

Tell us where in the world you are!

New York, USA.


Stephanie said...

I actually liked Tom Sawyer better than Huck Finn. But you are right. When I think "American" novel, Twain always comes to mind!

Happy Thursday!

CJ said...

It's hard to say anything negative about Twain. He was an amazing wordsmith.


EnnaVic said...

Great choice - Twain was a genius. He visited NZ and some of the things he had to say about it are quite amusing *chuckle*

Have a good weekend.

pussreboots said...

I also prefer Sawyer to Finn but agree 100% that An Innocent Abroad is one of the funniest things (and oh so American) that Twain ever wrote.