Thursday, August 04, 2011

For dinner tonight (considering the time, I guess it was last night) I had what my mother calls "Irish pizza." This is something we all loved as kids, and to this day, two sandwiches - tomato with mayonaise on toast and Irish pizza are favorite lunches in the summer. Irish pizza is an open-faced sandwich: toast, sliced tomato, cheese, sprinkled with oregano, garlic powder, salt, melted in the toaster oven. My cheese was sliced provolone (thank you Stewart's for carrying it) and considering that and the oregano sprinkles, the "Irish" nature of it is dubious. But it's still a good recipe name for a delicious treat.


Janette Kahil said...

that's funny! I don't remember her calling it that. I always loved it and still make it. The other old favorite my kids like is the italian bread with seasoned ground beef, cheese and tomatoes under the broiler. Mom said it was a recipe demonstrated by a guy who sold kitchen stoves at house parties!

howzerdo said...

I'm not sure she did back then. She was making it a couple of weeks ago when Sara visited. Sara asked her what it was and Ma said "Irish Pizza."