Monday, April 16, 2012

Another old Catskills resort consumed by flames. Also, a guy was arrested for arson in the Tamarack Lodge blaze from last week.

What a hazardous spring, fire-wise, this had been. So dry! It rained for a very short time yesterday, and today it is near 90 degrees. I hear the fire siren going off a lot. In Castleton, we are under a boil water advisory due to a water main break.

And -- here's an interesting Titanic story from the Freeman that includes interviews with people I know. (Didn't know they had a relative who was a survivor, though.)

Had a great weekend in Samsonville, celebrated my father's birthday (with manicotti and biscotti). It turned out to be an "Elwyn-style" birthday for him -- three days of celebrations. I didn't check email once!

Added: Now I remember why I don't do the taxes early. Every year it makes me feel like turning into an anti-government nutjob (from just a plain nutjob).

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