Monday, August 22, 2011

It was quite a weekend. The animals are exhausted, and I am not far behind. The crescent cut (that's what it looks like) on my forehead is itchy. The most common question: "did you fall?" (LOL. My ankle has created a reputation.) No, just accident prone. Hope it heals up a lot by the time my classes start or I think I am going to need to mention it on the first day. If so, I'll have to spin an entertaining tale.

I picked a lot of veggies this morning -- I ran out to check the plants and do my usual fussing before immersing myself in getting ready for the semester. It's going well but...the lovely summer draws to a close.

A while ago, I had to facebook "friend" a local radio station to be entered into a contest for concert tix. I haven't hidden the feed (as I often do for very active posters who write things that don't interest me) and today it said this:
Kim Kardashian had her $20 MILLION plus wedding on Saturday and everyone here has been talking about it! Your thoughts? I given them a year tops!!!
I was struck by "everyone here has been talking about it!" Imagine how dreadful it would be to be a member of that workplace? The conversations with colleagues must be mind-numbing.

On the subject of being trite, I've been researching Kindles. Is it wrong, shallow, whatever~zilla to dictate your own gift? Dictate is too strong a word. Make it send out vibes about instead. Anyway, I've always thought so. But I really want a Kindle...and it seems frivilous to buy it myself. So conflicted.

Back to work!

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