Sunday, April 01, 2012

We begin a week full of religious ceremonies, culminating with Bob making his first communion and confirmation at the Easter vigil on Saturday.  Today was Palm Sunday, or course, and church was packed. I'm glad they came, but I'd by lying if I said I didn't wonder where they are the rest of the time. We both have a difficult time with morning punctuality whether it is work or an event -- we're owls. (So I never teach in the morning and Bob is one of those "higher-ups" [LOL, such a vulgar descriptor] who doesn't have to sweat the small stuff.)  Fortunately, we live very close to the church and so aren't late very often but generally get there no more than five minutes early.

Today we didn't allow enough time for the Palm Sunday crush and so had to stand in the back of the church. I've never had to stand before and frankly, it wasn't easy for either of us. Bob is having a (fairly minor, but still) RA flare in his ankle, and enough said about my ankle. But I did it with good humor, even went out and split my palms with late comers who missed the distribution and were standing behind us in the lobby.

The next Mass on the agenda is Holy Thursday. We are going to go to the soup and bread dinner at the church, and then at Mass afterwards, Bob will carry in the oil of Holy Chrism. I've only been to Holy Thursday Mass once before -- last year. I wasn't sure if I would go this year -- Thursday is a teaching night for me and I never imagined Bob would be converting. (I knew it was something he'd thought about from time to time but I neither encouraged nor discouraged him, and I didn't think he would ever decide to do it.) But I rearranged my teaching schedule so that I can manage attending.

Then on Good Friday the choir is going to perform a special concert. Saturday is Bob's big day, the Easter vigil, and he told me today that he wants to go to Mass on Easter Sunday as well. I've never been to Mass at Sacred Heart for Easter, since I am always in Samsonville, and go to church with my family at St. Augustine's, the little mission chapel I attended as a kid. I believe this is the first time I won't be with my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews for a holiday. This year friends are going to attend the Easter vigil with us, and then on Sunday Bob and I will go to Chatham House for brunch. My family all came to Bob's welcome ceremony in February. The Easter vigil is too late at night for it to be practical for them to travel, what with the Sunday meal looming, so that's why we made a big deal of the welcome Mass.

Unrelated: Rosie barked three real woofs today! She was happy when we got home from the supermarket and were preparing to take the dogs on their cemetery walk, She's not 100% competent at it yet -- they were still a little too shrill to be howly enough but she is getting pretty close. Even threw her head back in hound fashion. Yay.

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