Friday, April 06, 2012

Millie's detailed obituary is in the Babylon Beacon today. I am not sure whether the link will work for the full life story or if it requires a payment of $2 for the single issue (that's what they charge to non-subscribers). It works for me but maybe that is because it "knows" my machine. I don't begrudge them the two bucks -- I've no doubt keeping the community paper afloat is not easy, and without it the only option would be Newsday or the NYC newspapers.

I wasn't happy with the minuscule notice Newsday ran for $500+ so I worked with the Beacon to write this one. It is basically my work, with a couple of changes from the woman who has the byline (I believe a family member of hers owns the paper). I don't care, there is a "which" that should be a "that!" (Also mention of Millie's membership in in the Hanseaten Club was struck -- the omission might offend some of those folks, the club was important to her.) But overall it came out good. I just didn't want her to get only 1 inch of column space for a life of 79 years.

The picture was taken 13 years ago. I'd have liked to use something more recent but she wasn't crazy about having her picture taken, and also, for the past five years the decline definitely showed. This is how people remember her. I had to crop my father-in-law out, and that meant I had to change the background. Pleased with the result!

On another subject, the soup and bread was OK last night, and the Mass was amazing. The music, the ritual. Beautiful. Bob carried in the oil of catecumens (not Chrism as I'd thought) and didn't drop it! Tonight, there is a special performance by the choir. There are really talented folks in the congregation. It's like a concert every week. Can't wait.

And finally: Really have to buckle down and get a lot of work done! Midterms to grade, a proposal to write, assessment tools to design and the taxes -- all with looming deadlines. Good thing I work well under pressure.

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