Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today facebook friends are posting lots of tributes. Mostly links to favorite songs on youtube from my HS friends. "Up On Cripple Creek" is my favorite, but instead I am going to link to the recent Ulster County tourism commercial. (Not that I want more tourists in Ulster County, even though all he says is true.)

Later: the hum or lawn mowers has begun. I wanted to weed whack -- the grass is very tall. But I had to locate and charge the spare battery, and now that it is ready -- no way am I doing it until others go inside.

And, something I learned this weekend that relates to this earlier post. My father told me that last year's selection for Boys' State called him with the news that he has been accepted to Harvard on a full scholarship! Wow.

Finally, the death of another famous New Yorker: It was announced that Dick Clark has died. Here's the Governor's statement. He hadn't looked too good since his stroke a few years ago. I'm amazed he hung in there this long. Also, I thought he was older than 82.

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