Monday, April 02, 2012

I have fun speculating about (fixating on?*) being labeled "weird" and decided a long time ago that it relates to three things: 1) saying atypical things in class 2) limping / walking with a cane and 3) my fingernails.

About #3, they are extremely long right now. I know I have to cut them. It's time consuming to do it and I really don't like to do it. I thought I would take a picture of them first.

I was surprised to notice the scar on my hand. I don't think about the twin scars on my left hand and wrist any more. Here I am nearly fourteen years ago fretting that my dreams of a career as a hand model were over:

We briefly had a camper in Samsonville before our house was built and that's where these two photos were taken. I didn't like it much and we didn't keep it long -- the first night we stayed there, I cut my hand on a falling light fixture, and when I was at the ER having it stitched, Rudy destroyed the screens and jumped out of the window. He was wildly running around the yard when we got home. Thankfully he didn't run off, that would have made a bad night much worse.

Unrelated: I had a lovely dream about Sophie last night. That's the second one. Disappointing to wake up and have her not here.

*Now you know why I avoid checking RMP.

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