Saturday, April 21, 2012

Had a good day! Good = productive. Not in the grading of all those looming essays an around the house way. Worked outside and inside - and took the dogs to the cemetery for a walk. We didn't get any much-needed rain, just a few sprinkles. Neighbors were all very productive too. We got Brooks BBQ from a local church fundraiser, and when we got home from picking it up, Bob put his Pink Floyd station on Pandora while we cleaned. (Not sure if that was because of Brooks or to drown out the chainsaw noise coming through the open windows.) The first song that played was "Wish You Were Here." Well, yeah! This isn't sparked by any recent events btw; that song reminds me every time I hear it of 30 years ago.

I'm surprised when I search here -- ten years of posts -- to find that I have not written a lot about 1982. I have noted the anniversary, or the circumstances briefly from time to time, but not in any depth. This makes me wonder, when it is OK to write about such things in detail? Publicly, I mean, and not as fiction - those complicated relationships and experiences that lack any sort of funny spin, even after many years?

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