Friday, April 13, 2012

Today is my father's 85th birthday. Friday the 13th this year! Tomorrow we are going to Samsonville. We'll have dinner with him, and on Sunday, we'll bring biscotti from the fabulous Zachary's bakery for the parishioners at St. Augustine's to enjoy after Mass, in celebration of Bob's new found status and my father's birthday.

I'm very interested in historical events such as the sinking of the Titanic - so I have been collecting links as I find them. Here's one from the Freeman 100 years ago, here are some terrific images, and here is a really lovely story in the Times Union (by one of the few worthy writers on the staff, IMO).

And finally, this is unrelated to either of the above paragraphs, but I can't let it slip by without mention. You go, Jim! He is such a tireless champion for animals, he needs no other reason for me to admire him. (The linked post itself drips with snark, and many of the commenters are bitter, vile losers, unfortunately). I, on the other hand, am very single issue when it comes to animal rights.

Pulled a tick off Sam this evening. Yikes.

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