Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's a beautiful day and I'm in good spirits. Optimistic that my classes will work out OK after all. It is the beginning of four days of church and Bob's "big day." (And the always fabulous Chatham House brunch!)

However, I must sadly note that Sophie left us 2 months ago today. Nothing against little Rosie Posey (or of course, Sam or TB/TC), but I miss her so much! I saw a man walking a Basset Hound this morning and it just about broke my heart. Also 19 years ago this day, Mimmie passed away. I've written here and elsewhere about Mimmie many times. Today I will once again link to the little booklet of vignettes, postcards, recipes and Janette's artwork that I made in Mimmie's honor for my mother's birthday:

Added: This didn't ruin my day or anything, but just now in class, as students were working in groups on their projects -- I decided to use the computer and it was crashed, in rebooting over and over never-never land. Thankfully it wasn't student presentation day. This is why I always tell them, when they are designing lesson plans - to allow for the unexpected. (Another minor glitch in my day: I spilled yogurt down the front of my shirt shortly after I got to campus. I'm not usually a messy eater and wouldn't you know the one time I don't have a napkin in my lap...grrr, but again, not a big enough deal to ruin my day. "The weird lady has a stain on her shirt again. And dog hair." LOL)

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