Thursday, April 19, 2012

After two nights of frost (and in some places, freeze) warnings, today is a bright, beautiful day. The cold didn't hurt the plants near my house any -- can't speak about more northerly places, however. But the growing season has not started yet far north, so maybe not there either. I was mostly worried about the apple crop but I think the blossoms are OK.

Yesterday, quite late in the day, I managed to get outside with my fully charged weed whacker and cut the grass. It was very high in many places, really taxed my little machine. I would never have let it go this long if Sophie was alive. She did not like tall grass, since she was so allergic. She would go out after I was done and inspect the job. Sam doesn't care, and Rosie -- despite being tiny (the grass was up to her chest) -- does not seem to mind it either.

I am itching to do some serious yard work. I need it so bad, as an attitude adjustment. Nothing like digging in the dirt to soothe the soul. But it looks like (much needed) rain this weekend, and of course there is my end of semester workload, so the itch will have to wait to be scratched. It's still early anyway, far too soon to plant anything significant.

Unrelated -- the six presentations on Tuesday were terrific. Some students were so nervous. I remember feeling that way myself, many moons ago, but at this point I can't remember why. Today there will be nine more. Looking forward to it.

Added: one group of students brought in pizza and soda for the class! Brings a smile to my face. Not getting free food (always nice, but hardly essential) -- the effort and sentiment. What generous young people.

3:30 PM: just heard that Levon Helm died this afternoon.

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