Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I managed to get both a proposal that I had to write and the midterms done, so I have Friday to work on the taxes. Not really sure how I managed it - but the need to multitask to accomplish the absolute deadlines was almost making me have an anxiety attack. I buckled down, and got it done. Satisfied with the result too. Both tasks were difficult, so that is saying something. I changed the midterms a lot this semester, and that is why they were especially tricky to grade. They are never easy to grade -- the class is always half freshmen, some of whom need help with learning to cite and write in a scholarly fashion, and frequently has a few seniors who do not take it seriously and need to be encouraged to shape up. So I have to spend a lot of time commenting and correcting. The change in format and expectations made that even more difficult.

As far as the proposal goes, that is in the "enough said" category. It is one of those things I do not share here. Let's just say that it has been a process with lots of drama. At this point I've managed to massage it into something workable. I think. 

Yesterday there were two visitors in my afternoon class. A young man and a young woman, both high school students who were visiting campus and were brought to my class by two women who are in the class. I teased the class that we have been the showcase for the university this semester, what with the photographer, videographer, and now the visitors. They laughed. I said I was not sure whether our class will encourage or dissuade a prospective student from choosing UA? But the two visitors were shy, and although they listened politely and read the discussion hand-outs, neither shared their thoughts with class.

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