Tuesday, June 05, 2012

This overcast, cold weather is driving me crazy! I want to be outside, working in the garden. I still could, because it hasn't been raining steadily (or even that much), but it is too risky to plant seeds when it is cold and wet. I don't want them to rot. So I am carefully watching the forecast, and planning to run outside the moment things are favorable -- it looks like it is going to gradually warm up starting tomorrow. So the seeds go in either tomorrow or Thursday. I also want to rip out the knotweed that, of course has already started to pop up. I want to plan zucchini it its territory -- just to give me the incentive to keep pulling it out. I have to plant the window boxes, which I already would have done since I have the wave petunias, but I need to spray paint the outside of the boxes. They are very shabby looking after a few years of no use. And there is the never-ending weed whacking. (A neighbor's lawn mower is droning on as I type this.)

Instead I started to get ready for summer session. My class goes live on June 11 and begins on June 25. I also spent considerable time on the Samsonville network problem...again. A while ago I mentioned that I had a poem inspiration (which I thought might not keep, and didn't) and that I wanted to detail the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of trying to find a solution for the computers being routinely fried by lightening. My latest efforts have resulted in the purchase of two serious surge protectors from L-Com. I've been unable to easily locate a grounding kit, so today I did some reading on how to ground Superior Essex N 2006 6 x 22 BR BFW cable. I made progress, but it's very confusing and I am not certain I can accomplish it. So I turned to researching (again) extending the range of the wireless signal (on the theory that technology improves a lot in a year). Now my brain is tired!

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