Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Tuesday Too

1.) How would you explain the impossible?

I wouldn't even try. Some things are best left a mystery.

2.) Invent, and define a new word for the dictionary of the future?

How about an acronym? RPS: Reality Program Syndrome, a disorder that afflicts people who have fried their brains watching reality programming. Early symptoms include obsession with other pathetic greedy individuals and their behavior, a naive belief that such programs are true rather than staged, and an admiration for televised romance. Eventually, fascination with eating insects and endurance contests will be evident. Warning: end stage manifests itself as glassy, unblinking eyes, and one or both hands frozen around a television remote control.

3.) Was the media coverage of the war bias? Did you watch the coverage? Why, or why not?

I think individual reporters were biased; I think the regular networks were (relatively) fair; I think Fox was and is biased in the "pro" sense; I think NPR was and is biased in the "anti" sense; the other stations are a mixed bag. I think depending on one's perspective, news coverage seems biased based on whether you agree or disagree with it. I did watch sometimes; other times I did not. I prefer to get my information from the newspaper, although there are various biases there too, but it is easier to be analytical, and turn the page. Since the advent of cable news, there is far too much coverage of some ratings-grabbing events. Sometimes I tune it out, sometimes I prefer silence so I can focus on my own thoughts.

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