Friday, June 22, 2012

I spent several hours watering and working on the plants. It was an iota less hot and humid, but it was still oppressive. About half-way through, I finished watering outside the fenced area of the yard and came 'round the bend to relocate the hose to the other side of the house. I was streaked with mud, hair wild (as much as it can be, since it is super short),  drenched with sweat -- running down my face into my eyes. I'm wearing mismatched clothes, a worn out UAlbany tee-shirt, and no bra. So in other words -- quite a sight! A woman is walking by, spots me and calls out from the sidewalk: "your garden is lovely!" That made my day. Suddenly that it was so freaking hot and that the job was only half done didn't seem so bad.

Everything is doing really well. It IS lovely. Here's a sample:

They are so fleeting -- and much anticipated, just like strawberry season.
Below, fresh herbs daily!
 This came up from seed on its own in the yard! I have been lovingly nurturing it.
 This is not long for this world! Friday is usually weed whacking day, and it would be gone already, but with no rain, the grass has not grown. Still, knotweed sprout, don't get too comfortable.
This vinca came up on its own too. I always have it in pots with petunias and other annuals (I have it in two hanging baskets this year) and it has been coming up for the past couple years either because it seeds or some roots didn't make it into the compost bin when I cleaned up in the fall. At this point there is a nice vine. Bob favored ripping it out -- he was worried it would damage the foundation. But I inspected it and discovered that it doesn't grip the cement. So I won...
Can hardly wait for the tomatoes.

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