Thursday, June 21, 2012

I had a really good day yesterday -- and that includes finding out that I need root canal re-treatment. The reason that is good, despite the expense and unpleasant procedure, is because I was sure I would have to lose the tooth. So now there is an 80 percent chance that I won't.

Hotter than blazes. No yard work for me on days like this, aside from maybe giving an especially needy plant a pitcher of water. Luckily, because it is so humid -- that isn't necessary except in one or two instances. The second and third plantings of cucumber and zucchini sprouted and are loving the weather. Yay! Of course, haying is taking place in Samsonville today -- it is always 90 degrees plus when they are doing that! Our pool isn't clear yet, but it also isn't green. We did an awesome job getting the leaves off the cover a few weeks ago, so the water didn't have far to go to be blue. I've no doubt there will be swimming after haying today.

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