Monday, June 18, 2012

I've written before that Rosie has to be crated when the dogs (or we) eat. In Samsonville, Sam has always needed to be crated when he eats when we are away, and someone else is feeding the animals, because he would take Sophie's food if we were not around to guard it for her. But he hasn't needed to be crated since he was a puppy otherwise. So we generally have a crate set up in Samsonville for him during his meals when he are traveling (he is never fed by anyone but us in Castleton).

Now that Rosie has to be crated for all meals in both houses, I planned to have her use the crate (above) in Samsonville. The one in Castleton is set up now as well, but since Sam hasn't used that one in years, he has no interest in going in it -- it's Rosie's. The Samsonville crate is a different story -- that's his. So it turns out he's decided that he's the one who goes in the crate to eat when we are there. It is just as well since Rosie does not like the Samsonville crate. (She doesn't mind the Castleton crate, which is wire and seems less isolated, I guess.) Here he is waiting for his dinner on Saturday. He's not zipped in, btw -- he is choosing to wait inside.

Later: Some of my cucumber seeds are up! Finally! Yay.

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