Sunday, June 03, 2012

The weekend wasn't a total rain-out. It was quite nice yesterday late afternoon until early afternoon today. I did get to the nursery for the deer fence and window box plants, and today I recruited Bob to help me put up the fence. It started raining during the job, but we soldiered on and finished. Yesterday we got a new gas grill - it must be five years since we had one in Castleton - and so we could barbecue last night! Visions of grilled zucchini dance in my head. I spent the afternoon reading the consultant report about merging the Schodack and Ichabod Crane Central School Districts. It badly needs an executive summary, because the salient information could be presented in two pages. I slogged through all 72 pages, and went to the district's website to read supplementary information, but who will bother? FWIW, the partners hail from Western New York. The "study" is a strange blend of neutrality and advocacy. The assertion is that it doesn't take a POV, but in some places it definitely does, while in others the tone is distant, lacking even low-level analysis. More on the report another time, I think!

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