Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Took advantage of the sunshine, ran outside and finally got all my vegetable seeds planted! I planted more zinnias too Also pulled bamboo grass (knotweed). A losing battle, but at least it tamps it down. I am worn out -- not from the planting, from the bamboo. Tomorrow's project will be painting the window boxes. Weed whacking on Friday? I have to wait until Saturday morning to plant the window boxes, because Bob needs to be here to install them on the shelves. (I don't do power tools.) But maybe on Thursday or Friday I will  plant some vegetable seeds in the reclaimed bamboo area and fence it.

I've been working on moving my website from Verizon to Google. It's free, for one thing, and site builder on the Verizon site hasn't worked for me in 14 months so I can't make revisions. I've wasted all kinds of time with tech support. They know absolutely nothing. The story is an opera, don't feel like writing the details now. Once I finish, I plan to demand half the money I spent as a credit to my account. Stay tuned.

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