Wednesday, December 05, 2012

We got our tree from the boy scouts on Sunday and put it up, also decorated the porch. We have lights on the tree, but nothing else. I do plan to put ornaments on but I am kind of liking it with only lights!

Faith formation on Monday went pretty well. We lit a candle on the Advent wreath, sang O Come Emmanuel a Capella (which sounded atrocious -- definitely not singers!), studied the art easel -- this week was a Russian painting from 1863 called "Waiting for Christmas," read from the Action Bible, and made prayer books. Three kids decided to wrap them as gifts for their mothers. A parent met us in the parking lot and told us how much her son loves our class!

End of semester -- bittersweet! Happy and sad at the same time. So much work to do. Today I took some time to get organized. It was worthwhile in terms figuring out what I have to do, so I guess I am less overwhelmed. Winter session class has 14 students enrolled, and will become accessible on Friday (although it doesn't officially start until the 21st).

I'm very excited to be teaching a graduate class this summer! But I am having to force myself to focus on what I have to do now for fall semester's end. Also winter session and spring will be here before summer so chill...

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