Monday, December 31, 2012

Saw the movie Lincoln last night. It was great! My only two criticisms, both minor, were that I think it could have ended a little bit earlier, by about 10 or 15 minutes. Not that I thought it was "too long." Yes, it was quite a long movie, but I'll refrain from saying why I believe it could have had a scene or two cut. (How can a movie on this subject have a spoiler problem? But still.) Also, (an I knew this would happen, always does in Spielberg movies) it should be toned down in the 1-2 instances when the lighting gets all warm & fuzzy during heartfelt scenes. He didn't do it as much in Lincoln (or Schindler's List) but he still can't resist. The scenes are fine, but that lighting always reminds me of ET.

Neither hurt the movie much, though. Sally Field was great! I didn't know who was in it (or forgot) besides Daniel Day-Lewis (who was also great). I'll bet there will be some supporting actor nominations and wins too, or should be anyway.  If it doesn't win almost all the Academy Awards, I will be pissed. I didn't see many other movies (yet or at all?) that will get nominated, but I can't imagine any could be as good. However, I am not sure whether someone with less knowledge of the Civil War, Lincoln and government machinations would like it quite as much.

Added: Bob is of the opinion Les Mis will take the awards. He may be right. It it more of a Hollywood pleaser. Something I forgot to mention about Lincoln, though: the audience applauded as the credits rolled. Haven't experienced that very often in movies.

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