Saturday, December 22, 2012

I always "sleep on" the grades before entering, so just now I finally finished that task. It's agonizing -- easily the most disliked task of teaching. Not only the physical exhaustion of the end of semester grading marathon (last night I got a carpal tunnel brace for my left hand), but the sometimes difficult decisions. First, there are the hard cases. How long to wait for the slackers to hand something in. How much to subtract for being soooo late. What to do about the emails appealing for special consideration. And, for the majority, the average and good students, what to do about the borderline A/A-, A-/B+. B+/B, etc. Their anticipation, the happiness generated by rounding up, the disappointment caused by not doing so. My every semester's end hope that the outcome was expected, or at least that disappointment does not lead to demands for clarification, but rather to resignation and acceptance.

I have jury duty January 7!

Gave Rosie-Posey and Sam Wham two gifts each last night. Posey had to be crated during the opening, of course. Can't take risks. Fingers crossed -- the question on our minds was "does she know how to open presents?" Dogs opening Christmas gift is one of those beloved times shared with pets. Sophie's last gift unwrapping -- last year -- is still the wallpaper on my phone.

Anyway, the answer to the question is yes! But she does not care about toys. The carrot bone was a big hit, though. She was so cute opening it! And, Sam was thrilled to get both toys. Now it's off to S'ville for Christmas.

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