Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This dude probably got tickets to the SoS, while we didn't. It seems he didn't land a job (or wasn't able to keep a job) with the TU after all, as had been reported in May. (He does get occasional mention in Cap Con though.) You may wonder why I link? Explanation here. I occasionally check in on his journalism career. I'm objectivist that way! I can't find any headlines in his blogging for Gannett that mention the governor's ethics training requirement for executive staff. Probably couldn't bring himself to type such a title. Seems to me the media could use to attend a few sessions as well.

Added: I think I know who my foul-mouthed commenter is. Wow, I do drive some guys over the deep end. Get help, you need it.


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howzerdo said...

Yeah, guess what, I do have one!!! LOL! Guess you must be the guilty party, or be a friend of the guilty. So "Anonymous" (heroic soul that you are), you think it is cool to call me on my blog - where I do not hide behind a pseudonym or moderate comments - one of the worst four letter words a person can hurl at a woman because I'm sarcastic about the writing of the former editor of the student newspaper? And neither a stellar nor run-of-the-mill editor, mind you. A graduate student reporter committed a most egregious act of plagiarism on the front page under said editor's watch, and there never was any clear evidence that any of the students involved learned anything from it. Well, anonymous, have fun. I consider it a sacred duty to root out students with questionable ethics. People with attitudes and behaviors like yours are why a serious ethics shake up is way overdue.