Friday, December 07, 2012

So much work to do! Yikes! Classes end 12/11, student work has to be in from 12/13-12/19 (I stupidly made an error on a due date and it was too late when I discovered the 19th is for final papers in one class, oh well). The registrar informed us that grades have to be in 12/24! How ridiculous. But I did stay on task and make progress today so that's good. Winter session starts 12/21, and became accessible today -- a competing priority. The life of an adjunct, nonstop teaching!

Yesterday was one of those days with students where you wonder if there is full moon (I know there wasn't). One student who seems to have a social disorder was particularly rude, or maybe just weird. I know there is an issue and have made an effort to reach out and be inclusive. But I guess that was a waste of time. In my experience, it just makes odd balls dislike you more. Yet I have to keep trying. Anyway, this student could not understand extremely simple economics, and seemed to direct that annoyance at me, personally. The comment was (sort of directed at me, in the third person) "why would she make us figure out how much loans we have? I know how much loans I have." Putting aside that wasn't the point of the exercise...hello! I'm standing right here! Are you talkin' to me?

Another emailed a colleague (a fellow adjunct who caters to students as much or more than I do), with BCC to me: "I don't mean to offend, but I find your communication vague and unhelpful." Naturally, she was offended! And hurt. Why don't people think before hitting "send" or opening their big mouths? (It reminded me of this.) This student will most likely be in my summer class. Is there any way we can advise a different path? Hmmm..."no offense, can you drop?"

Finally, one minute before I had to rush off to class, a student suddenly appeared out of nowhere in my door. I barely knew who the student was, since attendance has been, well, atrocious. Bad in September and October -- missed more than half the classes -- and completely vanished in November and December. The student said nothing, instead handing me a big packet of information. What was it? Paperwork for me to fill out and deliver to undergraduate studies, approving a late withdrawal, although weeks ago I warned the student about the deadline for withdrawing. (What choice do I really have, though? But are you kidding me?)

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