Thursday, December 27, 2012

The morning of shoveling wasn't quite as bad as I was anticipating. We got about 5" of snow overnight, and it didn't seem to have changed over to rain or mixed so it wasn't too heavy. The worst part was that the village plowed the road on to the sidewalk! 

Then it snowed moderately all day.  Round two of shoveling, the patio near the side door and the gate. If you saved the snow removal task for tonight, bad idea. Only about two more inches has fallen but it is wet and heavy. I did the sidewalk again and the village plow went by at what seemed to be 50 mph and threw filthy road snow on the sidewalk and splashed me. I'm not sure where the snow came from, as the road is clear. Thanks a lot! 
This is the first significant snow since we've had Rosie. She likes it! Not like Rudy -- his joyous rolling in snow is a memory that brings a smile, but she wades out in it happily, considering she's a little tiny and Sam used the opportunity to try out his herding skills on her.

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