Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Tuesday Too, on Wednesday

I.) How are you going to honor, or what are you going to give the earth on Earth Day?

It would seem that someone like me, a proponent of recycling, less consumption, composting and organic gardening, would have done something to honor Earth Day, but I'm sorry to admit that I didn't. The truth is, Tuesdays are my on campus teaching day, and I am busy from morning 'til night (the reason the Tuesday Too waited to Wednesday). Plus, here in upstate New York, despite the blooming forsythia and sprouting tulips, we have slipped back into wintery temperatures.

However, I spend some time on many days giving back to the Earth. Today, from 6:30 am to 7:30 am, I sorted corrogated cardboard, office paper, boxboard, metal, plastic, and glass for village pick-up. The midday USPS mail brought my spring Gardens Alive order (beneficial nematodes for the lawn in Castleton). Once Spring really arrives I will be planting like crazy, and on my agenda is picking up litter along the road near the house, especially in Samsonville.

2.) How come there's only one "real" question, and how come there are three Tuesday Toos in a row?

Do tell! My guess is that jf is busy with other things.

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