Friday, May 18, 2012

I've finished all evaluation except the final papers in the toleration class, the assessments in all three foundations classes, and the lesson plans in the online foundations class. That last one is a breeze, as I read them all when they were submitted last week. A lot of work is done on the assessments already, but it it a very time consuming task calculating everything for each class. The final papers will take some time as well.

I'm in pretty good shape with three days left until the deadline, but a complication is that two of the days are a weekend. We've been invited to two parties tomorrow. We'll stop in at both, but it will have to be brief. I also want to go to Becker's, buy Page's Seeds and be inspired by the beauty in the greenhouses.

I escaped for a while yesterday and weed whacked the yard. The battery ran out before I could finish. I'd hope to get it done today, but with the workers next door, I decided against it. I hope they aren't working all weekend, but who knows. The noise didn't bother me that much since the dogs were not barking, but there was one stretch when they had the radio on, and I did find that distracting.

I have things I want to write. An idea for a poem was haunting me yesterday, and I want to document my continuing quest to prevent lightening from regularly frying the computer equipment in Samsonville, but it has to keep. Unfortunately, sometimes the creative writing inspiration is fleeting. You have to immediately write it down or it's gone. Not sure if that will be the fate of the poem. I do know the details on surge protectors and grounding kits will stick around.

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