Saturday, May 05, 2012

The spring ants are back. I think this is when they usually appear, but this year, after the week of summer we had in March, suddenly there they were. Then it got cold again, and they vanished. Another few days of warm weather in April; magically, they thawed or hatched or spontaneously came into being, whatever it is they do. Weather turned nasty for a spell -- no more ants. Yesterday it was warmer, and today it is downright nice -- I saw a couple again.

This is a stay in Castleton weekend, and today we are going to my nephew's for a barbecue to celebrate my grandniece's sixth birthday. I don't tell stories here that aren't "mine," suffice to say she's a miracle, and not just because all kids are. Just thinking of her makes me smile. She shares her grandfather's (my brother-in-law) birthday, so will celebrate that too.

Tomorrow Rosie is going to the groomer for the first time. She's getting her nails cut. I could do it, and she's the first dog I've had in a while who would let me, but we've decided to take her where we took Sophie instead. Bob finally called and told the woman about Sophie. She was very, very upset.

She thought maybe Bob was having health problems again, and that was why we hadn't been in. She said she considered calling to see if we wanted her to come to our house to cut Sophie's nails, which is something she offered in 2009-10 when Bob was having his surgeries. She never imagined Sophie had passed away. She was surprised that Sophie was 13, which is surprising! We'd taken Sophie there for at least half her life, I am not sure how old she thought Sophie was. Basset Hounds do not usually live to be 13.

Sophie demonstrated something that Bob says is the optimum goal for old age -- vitality until shortly before a brief end-of-life illness. Amazing that special needs, allergic Sophie achieved this. So I guess this is why the groomer was shocked, last time she saw Sophie she did not seem frail or failing.

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