Thursday, May 24, 2012

No student questions about grades! That might be a first. I will post breakdowns in blackboard next week, but it's nice to not have to answer those emails. I am going out shortly to see whether gardening is possible. I tried yesterday but it was still too wet -- and so buggy. When the bugs are bad here, they are intolerable. I plan to weed whack regardless, unless it is so bad that I can't take it. The grass isn't that high yet but with a Samsonville weekend on the agenda, it will be up to my knees on Monday. The bugs have not been terrible this year, and I assumed it was the warm week in March followed by a cold snap -- repeated in April -- that zapped them. But maybe that was wishful thinking. We'll see..

Later: I was a mosquito banquet, but I managed to do poop patrol, weed whack, plant two hanging baskets, and water everything (they were surprisingly dry considering how much rain we have had this week). It was very humid and I have many welts. Not happy about that, nor about not getting to the tomatoes etc., but very pleased to have accomplished that much under the circumstances.

Almost forgot! The bunny managed to find the parsley, Italian parsley and cilantro and eat some if them, right out of the pots! I thought they'd be safe in the upper bed near the sidewalk for a few days during the rain, but I was wrong. I rescued them yesterday, and I don't think they will die, but it is a setback. May have to buy more. And no way can I plant them until I am ready to protect them. You'd think with a Beagle -- a rabbit hound! --a blue tick/border collie X, and a Maine Coon Cat lurking around they'd be safe for three days in (what I thought was) a/n inhospitable place, but the bunnies must be laughing at Rosie, Sam and TB/TC.

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