Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Last Tuesday night class last night. In spite of the early difficulties in that class, and also the machinations of my personal life this Spring, it was a good class, filled with many bright lights. Discussion on the topic of educational technology last night was very engaging. They said "thank you." Nice to hear!

Tomorrow will be the last afternoon class and the last Thursday night class, and then I have two more days on campus, both Wednesdays and that's it! Next week the Wednesday is the end of semester presentation to faculty for me and the students who have been working with me on research, and the following Wednesday is our semester's end luncheon. I'm ending the online class on that same Wednesday.

Then grades are due on the 22nd, and Spring 2012 will be a memory. It's a trite cliche, but time really does fly, although this has been a long, leisurely semester, maybe too long. It is hard to adapt material between a semester of this length (the longest I can recall, must be 16 weeks) and the short semesters when for whatever reason the calendar only allows 12 weeks. However, the online class has really benefited from the extra time.

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