Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lovely day, weather-wise and otherwise. It was another productive one! We took the dogs on their cemetery walk, then to the groomer (Rosie was an angel), out to lunch (at Wendy's), I weed whacked (for the third time this season!), Bob chopped down some bamboo grass (a losing battle) and then we worked on new window boxes for the front porch windows. That last project was a long time coming, haven't been able to plant in the old ones since 2008. Today we made the shelves, and painted them with Sikkens Rubbol (awesome stuff) - we've used Cetol on the log home and the deck in Samsonville and Rubbol on all fences at both houses. The color is dark green - of course. Too early for annuals but when the time arrives the porch will be ready.

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