Thursday, May 31, 2012

I managed to plant the container plants on Tuesday -- tomatoes, basil and other spices, and lettuce, despite what was the hottest May day in memory! It was brutal. I could work for no more than 90 minutes before I had to come inside and take a break, so the task took longer than anticipated. If I had known that yesterday would be so much less humid, I may have waited. I did the hanging baskets last week, so today's job is the bean and cucumber garden, which involves rototilling. I love my rototiller! I am going to give zucchini a try again. I have never had much success with it in Castleton, but what the heck. May need to weed whack (again!), or maybe that is tomorrow's task.

Later: prepared the garden all the way through rototilling, but did not plant. So that's on my agenda for tomorrow. (Also weed whacking.)

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