Wednesday, June 01, 2011

That was the storm? I think I will still have to go out and water my plants, it hardly wet the ground. The plants are loving this weather, though.

Tomorrow's agenda includes rototilling and planting the seeds in the garden. It is supposed to be cooler, so I'm psyched.

I often save time consuming technical projects until summer break. Today I have been aggravating myself with my ancient Iomega zip drive. It isn't the "click of death" but it may as well be. I've tried (almost) everything and I am now contemplating how to get the files off the disks. A couple years ago I bought a new power adapter for it. I don't want to invest in another obsolete drive at this point - if they were cheap I might consider it, but they aren't. It's pathetic. And frustrating. I could pay Iomega to transfer them for me, but they won't even give me an estimate without looking at the disks, and I am very reluctant to surrender them to the company when they manufactured this temperamental device.

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