Thursday, June 02, 2011

It's a beautiful day - sunny but cool, a little windy. I have a long To Do list, in the hope of being able to work outside this afternoon and/or tomorrow. I want to rototill and get my seeds in. It was far too hot to consider it yesterday or the day before; it was too hot to accomplish much of anything else either.

I got up early (for me), already was working away for a while. I had the window to my office open, and the sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze was peaceful and inspiring. Suddenly the air filled with loud music. The guys who are intermittently painting the house next door must have arrived. Now, I understand that some people work better with music, and that an outdoor project in particular may lend itself to it.

But it ruined my train of thought! I could not focus on anything but Cream, Sunshine of Your Love. It's not a band or song that I dislike, that isn't the problem. I prefer natural sound, and when I am alone (as I am, except for the animals, almost every day in the summer), I only occasionally play a CD and never have the radio or television on. The painters must be listening to a radio station, because now there are annoying voices chattering. That's worse than a song, even one that's an earwig.

Something has prompted Sophie to start barking, either the radio or more likely she can see someone up on a ladder from the living room window. She hates that as much as the sounds bother me. Sam hasn't joined her, although he throws an isolated woof now and then when there is a sudden noise caused by equipment. What was that? A power scraper? I had to close my office window. Bye-bye leaves rustling in the wind. Sophie has quieted, but I can still hear the radio, muted so I can't quite make out the song. Can't decide if that is worse. Sigh.

Added: Is it me or do all "classic" rock songs sound like Sunshine of Your Love through a closed window?

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