Friday, June 10, 2011

My sister sent me this video link. The title made me reluctant to click on it, even though she never sends spam email. Then on FB she linked it and wrote "Thunder got them out of the pool in a hurry and into the Dinomobile." Funny, that sounds like a Jumble! (My BIL loves the Jumble.) It's our parents, quickly leaving after their swim in her pool. My father is very fond of exotic motorized things.

I am trying to get one last task done today - my faculty activity report - so I can go outside, weed whack, and fence my garden. The seeds are all up and looking good. Very little hail damage in general, despite the storms being mean. At least I want to be able to weed whack, and keep my fingers crossed that the critters won't find the sprouts.

Added: I got everything done, and there was time to weed whack. Also to do tasks I hate (laundry and dishes). I checked the garden but didn't put up the fence. It was a productive day already. I was hot from weed whacking even though the temperature didn't seem that bad. But even if I had been inclined, the mosquitos were awful! Hopefully it will keep until Monday and there will be some good weather for outside work next week. I had the happy realization this afternoon that I have been so "on task" that next week is gloriously free -- I'll be able to put in some time on my research - and can also sleep in, stay up late, work in the garden, read, write, draw and cook to my heart's content!

On the agenda for this weekend: the pool and getting back on the grid!

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