Friday, June 03, 2011

I found out my consulting obligation was canceled for tomorrow, and I immediately jumped up, ran outside, and started working! I let Teddy come out with me for a while. I have to have him on a leash, and monitor him closely. He has to be an indoor cat, because his former owner had him declawed shortly before I adopted him. He was five years old, how mean would someone have to be to do that? I'd never have a kitten done either, but doing it to an adult like he was is just plain cruel. The vet who agreed to it needs his or her you know what kicked. It breaks my heart, I wish he could have more freedom. But he was thrilled to be outside, even restricted.

I was thrilled, because the weekend was pretty booked up and I was wondering how I would fit in planting and getting my class ready to go live, along with the consulting and socializing that were on the agenda. Tomorrow evening we are going to a 50th birthday party. It's a sixties theme, complete with costumes required. Bob will be early/mid '60s Beatles, and I am going as late '60s hippy. I will certainly post pictures. I am not sure how many attendees will be hippies, and how many will prefer the mod look of the early '60s; ie, more Hairspray than Hair.

My wig came today, and I was a little apprehensive that it would make me look like a dominatrix or a witch instead of a hippy. The goal is not to be Elvira! So I put it on and snapped a photo, then emailed it to Bob. He responded: "you look as young as you did in college." That was very sweet, if untrue. My salt and pepper ages me, no argument there, and the jet black long wig does make me look younger, although not by 30 years. The effect is definitely hippy, so that's a relief. It's a comfortable look for me, not too far off from my funky taste of my own later teenage and early '20s years in the '70s and '80s. 

I have an extensive button collection, which I used to have displayed on the Gully Brook Press website (there is a collecting-themed virtual museum). Unfortunately, I never fully migrated it when AOL hometown vanished, and the photos are on the Iomega disks that I am trying to recover. Anyway, I have several good slogans and a peace symbol to wear.

Here's the prolific little red rosebush, with four roses today!:
Here's the vintage pink rosebush, just about ready to bloom:
My trusty tiller is rarin' to go (actually took this picture when I was done, but whatev):
Still have to fence it and mulch, but not a bad day's work:
I read this blog post in the TU yesterday and while I second most of the insights on container gardening, as a long-time organic gardener, I couldn't disagree more with the part about plant food. No, no, no! Commercial chemical fertilizer is not the way to go! Get thee one of these:
And one of these:
Or alternatively, make friends with someone who has one or more of these:
And say goodbye to the dark side!

I still have some basil seeds to plant. They came free with Triscuits. This was true last year too. I planted them, and the basil was great! So this year I accumulated four packs. I also have to water everything before going out to dinner, so I better get to it! I'd close with TGIF but I always remember what my mother says, don't wish your life away and enjoy every day, not just weekends. As I was raking the dirt in my garden earlier today, I was thinking how much I love not having to wait until the weekend or after my job during the week to work outside. Sure, at times adjuncting, freelancing and consulting have been a scramble and a juggle, but taking that risk, making that life change - it was the best thing I ever did.

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