Friday, June 03, 2011

Late last night I submitted a query for my latest non-fiction story, and this morning, the editor emailed me that she'd let me know in a month. I was surprised to hear from her so quickly, and glad that it will take a month for a commitment, because I have so many other pressing matters (my summer class goes live on Monday [this almost requires an entire ranting stream of consciousness post all its own]; annual faculty activity report is due soon; need to spend time on analysis for my arts-in-education research; Iomega and S'ville Internet sagas continue). If it was already a sale I wouldn't be able to resist sitting right down and writing it. 

It might even trump gardening. Or maybe not. I'm not sure. Good thing I don't have to decide! Yesterday afternoon I got the garden ready for rototilling. That's a bigger job than it should be, because a more organized person would have cleaned it up in the fall. I almost never do, since the end of the growing season is bittersweet and it seems a chore. In the spring, it is a joy. So I have to take down the fence, yank out the stakes, remove last year's organic leftovers. This always involves pruning the "vintage" rosebush, because some branches are tangled in the fence.

I label it vintage, but I have no idea how old the rosebush is. It was here when we bought the house in 1987. It was big and old then and it is bigger and older now. It could have been here since the house was built (1902) or at least young, but my guess is that it was planted in about 1940. That's when the owner at that time moved the kitchen downstairs to the basement, added the bathroom, and I assume put in the ornamentals. This rosebush is dark pink and beautiful. It blooms in June. I can hardly wait.

There was a burdock growing near the pink rosebush, which I cut down but did not dig out. I removed the stems and put them (and sand and possibly a stray bug) in a plastic bag in the refrigerator. Maybe I will make cardone on Sunday. (Have dinner plans until then.) Several years ago, we put in a small red rosebush near the street. It's a survivor of the road rehab of '09, and as I was relocating the grapevine that annually tries to overtake the front fence, I saw that the little rosebush has three lovely roses right now. Have to get a pic!

I had not cut my fingernails yet, and one broke while I was collecting the old mulch in a much bucket. I always wear gloves (and long sleeves, long pants, a hat and sunglasses) but they were so long it was unavoidable. The break is too short, but luckily, not painful. So I cut the rest down to a more civilized length. The reason I resist, even though I know it is going to happen, is that filing them afterwards so they won't catch on everything takes forever. I just can't stand high maintenance.  

This afternoon I plan to rototill and plant cucumber, string bean and basil seeds. This is perfect weather for heavy outdoor work. And shorter fingernails will be appreciated!

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