Monday, June 13, 2011

I noticed this in the paper yesterday and I see it is in the blog area today. I am working on research for the Academy about this program and was at the show's opening a few weeks ago, it was the culmination of the fifth grade's unit. I think it is great that this was covered in the TU, but it would have been nice to see this article run before the show closed, don't you think?

I got another non-robo call (amazing again), this time from NYSUT, using the same tactic: "I'm going to transfer you right now to your state senator" but this time, the issue was the tax cap. I said no again. She was more polite, observed the social niceties, said goodbye before hanging up, the Miss Manners in me (perish the thought) was pleased. She's lucky I don't do phone advocacy, though, because I favor a tax cap (although I am not bothering to involve myself in pro- advocacy, so I suppose I don't care that much), but she didn't ask. I guess the assumption is that someone on NYSUT's calling list would never feel that way?

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