Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter session ends today, grades are due Wednesday, and though that is also the day the semester begins, my spring classes don't start until Thursday. I may make a brief trip to campus tomorrow for a meeting, and Wednesday, as final registration day, is sure to be hectic in email-land, so today is my final day of "freedom" for a while. LOL, so dramatic, you'd think I was going to the chair!

Still, I have been making an effort to finish the book I am reading (The Lifeboat, I am 3/4 of the way though and so far it's a good read), I made alterations to a new coat I bought for Rosie (since she's between sizes), and we watched several movies. Via roku, we saw Dear Murderer (1947 British movie, very good if you like old movies) and Words (2012, quite interesting but I think "neat" ending enthusiasts would not love it). At the theatre, yesterday we saw Silver Linings Playbook. It was great, definitely worth seeing, and I think Bradley Cooper may be a contender for winning best actor (although the competition is very tough this year, so I'm guessing the odds are against it).

Seeing enjoyable movies always makes me want to see more movies, and the reverse is also true -- horrible ones turn me off for months. Regardless, that will be the end of going to the movie theatre for a while. There is nothing else playing that either of us feels compelled to see except perhaps on the small screen (and even at that, not a lot of those), and time will be more precious with the semester in full swing.

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